Missionary Catechists of Divine Providence
                                                                 of San Antonio

About Us

The Society of the Missionary Catechists of Divine Providence was founded in response to a special need, namely the material and spiritual needs of the refugees who fled from Mexico during the revolution of 1910-1936.  It was started with volunteers who were attending the parochial school and other young ladies of Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish in Houston, Texas.  The Society was stabilized by the members living community with the Sisters of Divine Providence and by making promises to live according to their rules as Catechists of Divine Providence.
Our Foundress
The Missionary Catechists of Divine Providence were founded in Houston, Texas, in 1930, by Sister Mary Benitia Vermeersch, a member of the Congregation of Divine Providence of San Antonio, Texas. Sister Benitia, a true daughter of Blessed John Martin Moye, was deeply imbued with his missionary spirit and with his abandonment to Divine Providence. She transmitted this spirit to the Missionary Catechists.